Current Trends in IT Applications 2022

Current Trends in IT Applications 2022 – Applications of IT

Current Trends in IT Applications 2022

IT applications – Information Technology is now the leader in the game of the technology, it is subject to revolution every moment, as it passes off. It has brought in new trends which make it more and more sought after technology, No other technology has achieved these heights, which have been achieved by the Information technology. Let us in this section look into current trends and Applications of Information Technology.

Concept of Artificial Intelligence


concept of artificial intelligence my study level

When we look at the computer, it is capable do doing so many things with great accuracy and precession, without getting tired, but it is great pity to look into the fact that they cannot reason, they cannot learn nor try for self-improvement, which are all the features of an intelligent human being. For this reason, it is thought that if this intelligence human being. For this reason, it thought that if this intelligence is provided to the computer, it would be really an innovation.

This idea gave birth to the Concept Of Artificial Intelligence. This is based on the knowledge base, which it holds and is basis for the expert systems. These systems are knowledge base systems, which have present, rules for solving specific problems. These rules are based on facts and prior experiences of experts, which are gathered and inputted ‘into’ the knowledge base, which gives the computer an artificial intelligence. This concept is now currently used in medical diagnosis, oil exploration, decision making, Defence planning etc.

Concept of Virtual reality (VR)

As human beings are equipped with vision, which makes them to think beyond the achievable. Men dreams of things, which he wants to make them a reality. As reality is where he can feel, he enjoy, he can manipulate etc. Reality is a three dimensional real world, which one can feel be a part of it. He always tries to make things to look as reality, the reality is a scene, which has a great impact on the mind, the impression one cannot remove from the mind, and this all is the part of human nature. Thus, this quench for reality has to be implemented into the Information Technology, which is basis of Concept of Virtual Reality (VR). The term reality here is apt as one can be in it, manipulate things etc. whereas the word virtual signifies, that this reality is a perceived one, Le. One can do things, which he cannot do in real world. We need a great brainstorming session to really decide what makes up the virtual reality.

We can define virtual reality as anything which has a three dimensional feel to it, which may or may not exist, but does give you feel that it is existent. Usually virtual reality can be any computer software which gives the real feel of things. Virtual reality programs are written using VRML i.e., virtual reality markup language and these give rise to what we call it as “world” in Virtual Reality Terminology. The world consists of “scenes” and one has to just navigate through the “Scenes” of a “world” which gives one a feel about reality, which is virtual.

We can create virtual worlds using VRML or there are editors which help to create a world interactively. Virtual reality works on the creative aspect of the programmer. The more creative is the programmer, the more beautiful is the “world”. Most of the common application of Virtual reality are Entertainment applications i.e., games, Educational Applications, simulating surgeries, engineering designs etc. where one really gets into the world, which is virtual.

Development of Voice and Speech recognition In I.T.

As humans, want more and more flexibility in working, they want that the computers should respond to their voices and take their orders, rather than they typing the instructions to be worked on. This need gave the way for the Development Of Voice Recognition Systems, which recognize and interpret voice and spoken words. But, the scopes of these systems are limited as they have a small vocabulary of words. This interface, where one interacts with the computer, just as he interacts with other beings, is really a great achievement, towards the computer more and more user friendly. For imputing voice microphones are used and many a times, there is software, which does generate output as voice, which is given through speakers to the user. There is large to be done in this front, we need to keep our fingers crossed, till we get a computer, which even differentiates between different voices and has a sufficient vocabulary, to carry on all our basic functions.

Concepts of Robots System in IT

Human, by nature wants to take as minimal risks as possible, and it is really required as some tasks can be really fatal. For this reason we need to have someone do this works which are hazardous as skilfully as humans, with same flexibility, without risking themselves. This thinking gave rise to robots, the Mechanical Machine, which resembles human beings, and has skill set, and are capable to take instructions and carry on behalf of human beings as there is no hazard for machines. These robots are special purpose computers, which are programmed to manipulate electrically powered machinery. These robots have already started working in hazardous areas like welding, nuclear reactors. Furnaces etc., where there is danger to human life.

But now experiments are going on to give robots, an artificial intelligence, which really makes them human counter parts, to a great extent.

Multimedia Technology in Information Technology

Humans by nature always want things to be represents by more than JUST plains text. They want things to include. Audio, video, graphics, animations etc. rather than just text.

They want all applications to use more than just text media; they should have combination of media, which makes this quite effective and realistic. Multimedia technology is that technology which combines multimedia like text, audio, video, graphics, animation etc. This multimedia content for any software application is becoming the need of the day for personal business, entertainment etc. Most of the multimedia applications are computer, video games, multimedia encyclopedias, Educational Videos Training Applications, marketing content, business presentations etc.

The Most Popular Current Applications Of Multimedia are E-Commerce applications and we page designing, which we will deal forth coming sections.

For implementing multimedia applications, one has to have both software and hardware which support multimedia contents. On the hardware side we need to have chips, sound cards, speakers etc. which enable the multimedia content to play and on the software side we need to have software, which drive these hardware to support multimedia contents, special browsers which make multimedia content rendered on the screen of computer or any other Visual Display Unit.

Apart from all above requirements, one also needs database to store the multimedia content. Previously, when there were fewer contents, they were stored outside the database in the form of files, as the number of multimedia objects were relatively small, the databases were not that important.

With the increasing multimedia content and sizes, for synchronization and easy retrieval, they have to be stored in special databases, which are popularly known as multimedia database. There are plenty of standards available for representing multimedia data, so that they become internationally viable and acceptable.

Use of Hypertext in all Over Internet

For enhancing communication and accessibility to textual content and other information. Using hypertext one can navigate to the related information so that in this era of information overload, we can get the information which is relevant for us.

We can define hypertext as a text which gives hyperlinks to the related topics and information. We use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to create Hypertext documents, which can be hosted in Internet servers as web pages. This technology has revolutionised the entire info-sphere, with volumes and volumes on ‘information’ on the network.

Using hypertext one can manage information, where the data is shared in documents which are connected by hyperlinks.

The Hypermedia consists of still or moving images which are combined with the hypertext so that it supports multimedia. Hypermedia is a hybrid and sophisticated form of multimedia. The hypermedia is made up of nodes (documents) and links (pointers). A mode represents an idea or concept through the use the text, graphics, animation, audio and video images etc. These nodes are rendered by the browser software, so that the user gets the information.

These nodes are interconnected by links, and the origin of the link is known as anchor or reference and the node where the links ends is known as referent. One can navigate between various nodes by activation of Sinks which are bidirectional, which facilitate backward navigation along with forward navigation. Thus we can understand that the hypermedia which is combination of hypertext and multimedia will be the technology of the future.

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