HP Patwari Question Paper With Answers 2018
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HP Patwari Question Paper With Answers 2018 – G.K.

HP Patwari Question Paper With Answers 2018 – General knowledge question for patwari exams, online study with my study level.

Himachal Pradesh Patwari General Knowledge Questions Online

1. In which of the following States is the terrace cultivation practiced?
           (A) Punjab
           (B) Plains of Utter Pradesh
          (C) Haryana
          (D) Uttarakhand √
2. Who composed Vande Matram?
          (A) Rabindra Nath Tagore
          (B) Bankim Chandra chatterjee √
          (C) JL Nehru
          (D) None of the above
3 Which day is celebrated on June 5?
          (A) World health Day
           (B) World environment Day √
           (C) World AIDS Day
           (D) International women day
4. Which of the following type of medicine is used for treating indigestion?
          (A) Antibiotic
          (B) Analgesic
          (C) Antacid  
          (D) Antiseptic
5. Which of the following is not an example of bio-mass energy source?
          (A) Wood
          (B) Gobar gas
          (C) Nuclear energy √
          (D) Coal
6. On which of the following rivers Sardar Sarovar Dam is built?
         (A) Kaveri
         (B) Krishna
         (C) Narmada √
         (D) Satluj
7. Which is the oldest veda?
        (A) Rigveda √
        (B) Atharvaveda
        (C) Yajurveda
        (D) Samveda
8. The President can nominate two members of Lok Sabha to give representation to
        (A) Indian Christians
        (B) Parsis
        (C) Buddhists
        (D) The Anglo-Indians √
9. Which districts of Himachal Pradesh has highest density of population?
       (A) Solan
       (B) Shimla
       (C) Kangra √
        (D) Hamirpur
10. Currency of Bangladesh is
       (A) Taka √
       (B) Yuan
       (C) Rupee
       (D) Dollar
11. Xylem in plants are responsible for
        (A) Transport of water √
        (B) Transport of food
        (C) Transport of amino acids
        (D) Transport of Oxygen
12. What are manuscripts?
       (A) Handwritten documents √
       (B) Rock edicts
       (C) Painting

        (D) Temple


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