Human Resource Management Meaning – Tell Objectives of HRM

Human Resource Management Meaning – Tell Objectives of HRM

Human Resource Management Meaning – Tell Objectives of HRM

Human resource managment is of Paramount importance the success of any organization. Human resources are the wealth of an organization which can help it in achieving in goals. Human resource is the total knowledge, abilities, skills, talents and aptitudes of an Organization Workforce. The values, ethics, beliefs often individuals working in an organization also form a part of human resource. 

It means that management can get and use the skills, tapping and utilizing them again and again.  Human resource management is that process of management self and manages the human elements of an enterprise.  Not only the management of skills but also the attitudes and aspirations of people.  when individuals come to a work place,  they come did not only technical skills,  knowledge,  experience etc.,  but also be there personal  feelings, perceptions,  Desires,  motives,  attitude,  value etc.  So HRM memes various aspect of human resource.  This approach helps a manager to give his people as an important resource.  it is an approach in which manpower resources are not only to help the organization gods to the self-satisfaction of the concerned person on the other which approach focus on Human Resource Development and it focuses on effective management of people on the other.  Approach is a fundamental change in philosophy and prospective from the earlier thinking about man power resources.  Eat and 50 the human aspect of individual workers and their expiration and needs.

Meaning of Human Resource Management

Human resource management may be defined as a set of policies, practices and programs designed to maximize both personal and Organization goals.  Is a process by which the people and Organization are bound together in such a way that both of them are able to achieve their objectives?

According to flippo, human resource management is the planning, organizing, directing controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and Reproduction of human to the end that individual, Organizational And Societal Objective are accomplished.

The definition reveals that human resource management is that accept of Management which deals with the planning, organizing, directing and controlling the personnel functions of the Enterprise.  The purpose of these functions is to assist achievement basic organizational,   individual and societal goals.

According to Institute of personnel management (U.K.)

Personal management is an integral part but distinctive part of management with the people at work and relationship with the Enterprise.  IIT seeks to bring together into an effective organization the men and women who staff the Enterprise enabling each to make his/her contribution to its success.  Is it safe to provide relationship within the Enterprise that are conductive growth to effective work and human satisfaction.

Objectives of HRM (Human Resource Management)

The primary objective of human resource management is to ensure a satisfactory accomplishment of the objective of an organization and of its employees.  While framing aur the HR of the organization, there is taken to consider the interest and needs of the employees and of employee goals.  This is done by integrating the employee trust and the management interest with a view to achieve the objectives of the entire organization.  The Objective Human Resource Management is, basically,

The objective are discussed in detail as follows:

Social tell objective:  the basic objective of human resource management towards the society ensure that their organization manage Choti ethical and socially manner through ensuring compliance ethical standard.  10 objectives include:

To ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

To minimize the negative impact of social till demands upon the organization.

Organizational objectives: Objective of human resource include the following:  HR department, like any other department in an organization, should focus on achieving the goal of organization first. If it does not meet this purpose the HR department cannot exist Indore long run.

HR department should recognize in bringing about organizational effectiveness.

In simple words, the HR department should in AD serving rest of the organization.

Functional objectives:  the functional objectives of Human Resource Management include the following:

To maintain the HRM departments contribution Airtel level appropriate to the organization needs.  abated when management is either more or less sophisticated  put the organization demands.

The department level of service must be tailored to fit the organization it serves.


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