Naib-Tehsildar HP old Questions Paper (Main) Exams -Part-1

Naib Tehsildar HP old Questions Paper (Main) Exams -Part-1

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Naib Tehsildar HP old Questions Paper (Main) Exams

1.      Who was harbinger of promotion of Bhakti cult in Himachal Pradesh?

a.       Raja Sahil Varman        b.  Raja Shail Varman

c.      Raja Pratap Verman      d. Raja Baldhadra Varman


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2.      By Those inspiration and encouragement the people of Suket agitated against the exercises of State authorities by refusing to render ‘Begar’ as early as the year 1929 A.D.?

a.       Indian National Congress

b.      All Over State Peoples

c.       Revolutionaries of Godhar party

d.      Bhartiya Kisan Sabha

3.      Who issued order that one rupee and two copper Coins be placed before the statue of God and set aside to be sent to Ayodhyaya every year?

a.       Raja Jagat Singh of Kullu            b. Raja Bisham Singh Guler

c.      Raja Surajsen of Mandi               d. Raja Ishversen of Suket

4.      Of the various tribues of Himachal Pradesh which one of most dominant?

a.       Gujjar                   b. Khampa

c.      Gaddi                   d. Kinnaurab

5.      From Where the image of Lord Krishna was bought to Noorpur in the 17th Century?

a.       Mathura               b. Udaipur

c.      Chittor                 d. Jodhpur

6.      What is meant by Tabhagston, Kumai Bhagston and kowanchi?

a.       Types of marriage among lahaulis

b.      Marriage rituals    

c.       Ornaments of Women      d. Food delicacies

7.      In which fair guru and chela predict the events of coming year in the night before the fair concludes?

a.       Lavi fair of Rampur bushhahar            b. Renuka fair of Sirmour

c.      Shivratri Mela of mandi                       d. Nalwari Fair of Bilaspur

8.      What is the Major Speciality of nalwari Fair?

a.       Worship of bullocks

b.      Mass trading of horse and mules

c.       Horse race                                             d. Bullock race

9.      What is the most significance of Salari rock inscription of Kullu?

a.       It gives an account of conquests of Gupt emperors Kumar Gupt and Skand Gupt

b.      It states that the Gupt emperor Chandra Gupt received military

c.       It depicts exploits of Huna invaders

d.      Praises the peace and prosperity that Himachal enjoyed during the reign of Himachal Pradesh

10.  What is the most significant material housed in Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba?

a.       Stone inscriptions and sculptures

b.      Metal inscriptions

c.       Documents of Persian, Punjabi and Tankari languages

d.       Embroideries, textiles and Paintings

11.  The Shivaliks were known to ancient geographers as:

a.       Sumeru Parvat                   b. Mainak Parvat

c.      Kailash Parvat                   d. Gandhmadan Parvat

12.  At which place in Himachal Pradesh Minjar Mela and Triloknath Mela are held?

a.       Mandi                               b. Chail

c.      Chamba                            d. Dharamshala

13.    ‘Polyandary in Himachalayas’ has been authored is :

a.       Main Goverdhan Singh         b. M.S. Ahluwalia

c.      Shanta Kumar                        d. Dr. Y.S. Parmar

14.  Into how many broad ecological zones can Himachal Pradesh be divided on the basis of agro climate conditions and physiographic variations?

a.       Seven                                   b. Five

c.      Eight                                   d. Four

15.  In which State Batrawal Begar was prevalent upto beginning of the 20thcentury?

a.       Sirmour                                 b. Bushahar

c.      Suket                                    d. Mandi

16.  From area of point of view which crop ranks first among all crops in Himachal Pradesh?

a.       Maize                                     b. Rice

c.      Wheat                                    d. Barley

17.  Which is the best irrigated area?

a.       Bilaspur                               b. kangra

c.      Chamba                               d. Una

18.  ‘The Region of Himachal to get benefited first of all by the efforts of Sumuel stokes for apple cultivation was:

a.       Kotgarh                                   b. Rampur

c.      Shimla                                    d. Mandi

19.  What is the Common Factors among Hatkoli, Nichar and Sarahan?

a.       Orchards                                 b. Meadows

c.      Places of Devi worships         d. Places of Shiva worship

20.  The most famous peak of Lahaul region happen to be:

a.       Gyephang la peak                     b. Murang La peak

c.      Leo progial peak                       d. Ral Dang peak

21.  The former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has called upon the Indian youth to start a mass movement against corruption under the banner:

a.       What can I gave                        b. What can I give up

c.      What can I perform                  d. What can I forsake

22.  In Reith lecture series broadcast by BBC recently, Myanmmar’s Nobel Laureate Dew Aung San Suu Kyi has termed her struggle as ‘dissident movement, instead of opposition’, According to her the basic job a dissident is:

a.       To Fight justice                          b. To serve the truth

c.      To enlighten the people             d. to serve the under dog

23.  If analyzed logically the 2 G spectrum inbrolio is nothing but:

a.       Metamorphosis of Indian democracy into plutocracy.

b.      Rapacious tendency of market forces

c.       Any asset allocated preferentially is bound to change hands to realize its true value  

d.      Growing clout of corporate sector in the governance

24.  Who has authored recently released much acclaimed novel “River of Smoke”.?

a.       Vikram Seth                             b. Anita Desai

c.      Amitav Ghosh                         d. Jhumpa Lahiri

25.  In recently published book, “Why and How CPC works in China”, it has been emphasized that phenomenal growth of Chinese economy is the result of Socialist Market Economy. What is meant by it?

a.       Market controlled by the Government

c.      Partial Control by the selected sectors

c.       Government uses macro level control mechanism to restrain blindness of the market

d.      Regulation of imports and exports


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