What is Fractions Fractions are Equivalent Method to Check

What is Fractions | Fractions are Equivalent | Method to Check

What is fractions : Parts of whole numbers are called fractions. Learn fraction briefly here according to mathematics teachers with best methods for students.

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What is Fractions are Equivalent | Method to Check | Examples | Exercise

Formula: Fraction =  Numerator / Denominate = Equal parts being referred to / Total no. of equal parts 
Denominator of fraction can never be zero. 
To find a fractional part of a whole, multiply the whole by the numerators and divide the product by the denominator.
Sum of fraction having the same denominator = sum of their numerator / Common denominator
Difference of two fractions = Difference of their numerators / Common Denominators
Equivalent fraction represent the same part of a whole.
What is Fractions Fractions are Equivalent Method to Check

Learn Equivalent Fraction – Method 

Consider the equivalent fraction 1 / 4 and 2 / 8. 
Product of Numerator of 1 / 4 and denominator 2 /8 is 1 x 8 = 8 
Products of denominator 1 / 4 and Numerator of 2 / 8 is 4 x 2 = 8 
Both the product are same. 
If the product of numerator of first fraction and denominator of fraction is equal to the product of denominator of the first numerator of the second fraction, then the two fractions are equivalent. 


Check of the fraction 2 / 3 and 6 / 9 are equivalent. 
     Solution: 2/ 3 : 6 /9
Cross multiply 
         then 2 x 9 = 18
                 3 x 6 = 18
Both the product are same.
So, fraction 2 / 3 and 6 / 9 are equivalent
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